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OrtnerSchinko - A Creative Studio

руб 1.800,00

Design: OrtnerSchinko - A Creative Studio, Austria

Size: 42 x 59 cm

Printing: hand pulled silkscreen

Limited edition: 15 copies, signed & numbered

Material: Pop'Set Extra Black paper 240g by Arjowiggins

Delivery: free



Some people think that the Austrians are cozy, curmudgeons and whiners, pleasure-loving and awesome, while others claim they are a sour, opportunistic and a somewhat malicious mountain folk. You can be both, in fact :). Because some may be true to the eternally grouching cliché Austrians. In the seventies, the county took the fast lane and solidified the projection, there was a surprising phenomenon. The self-criticism, doubt and pessimism gave way to the certainty that Austria was a paradise on earth. We looked at all the other places on the globe mainly to determine that in this country, our country, everything functioned better. This certain mood transforms todays constructive criticism into whining at a high level — sudern — and causes reforms and changes to be perceived as unnecessary which can be felt so damn hard. When Austrians “sudern”, the pitch of their voices changes in a whiny and nasal manner and they complain about the most irrelevant things in life aka the 1st world problems, e.g: Austrians are having 5 weeks of paid vacation, and 2 weeks of festive days — and still the sudern about going to work everyday.


Одни считают Австрийцев милашками, другие — угрюмыми, меркантильными, злыми занудами. Обе стороны, отчасти, правы.

Само по себе слово «Sudern» — это что-то вроде «скулить, не переставая жаловаться, постоянно ныть». Например, одной из основных тем для нытья является необходимость поездки на работу каждый день. Несмотря на ежегодный пятинедельный оплачиваемый отпуск и многочисленные праздничные дни, австрийцы всё равно ноют и ноют, что им приходится ездить
на работу каждый день. 

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