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Studio Hi-Ho
"Slip Slop Slap"

руб 1.800,00

Design: Studio Hi-Ho, Australia

Size: 42 x 59 cm

Printing: hand pulled silkscreen

Limited edition: 30 copies, signed & numbered

Material: Curious Skin paper 240g by Arjowiggins

Delivery: free



Slip, Slop, Slap is an iconic Australian campaign designed to promote sun protection.

Since it’s launch in the 1980s it has been etched into the Australian psyche and has been incredibly effective in creating behavioural change in a nation of sun lovers.

Launched by Cancer Council Victoria in 1981, the Slip! Slop! Slap! campaign features a singing, dancing Sid Seagull encouraging people to reduce sun exposure and protect themselves against an increased risk of skin cancer. Sid had Australians slipping on long-sleeved clothing, slopping on sunscreen and slapping on a hat.


Slip Slop Slap — это программа по предупреждению возникновения рака кожи от солнечных ожогов.

Программа стартовала в 1980 году и её популярность на сегодняшний день такова, что словосочетание Slip, Slop, Slap вошло в обиходный язык и стало нарицательным.


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