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руб 1.800,00

Design: DIA, USA

Size: 42 x 59 cm

Printing: hand pulled silkscreen

Limited edition: 15 copies, signed & numbered

Material: Pop'Set Brilliant White paper 240g by Arjowiggins

Delivery: free



Fame — “the condition of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievements“.

America is absolutely obsessed with celebrity status. We’ve created a culture where people will do whatever it takes to be popular or famous. Less and less is the idea of fame connected to talent or notable achievements but more so acts of self expression to just get noticed that whether they are honourable or despicable. A great example is the Kardashian family.

These figures have obtained a massive following in culture simply by controlling the press and opening up their lives through reality TV. However, no Famene in this family necessarily obtains a serious talent, gift or has done any great achievements to gain their popularity. Essentially, many Americans across the board are willing to do what it take for a shot at Fame, which has even become more intense now with the advent of Social Media.


Слава — это свидетельство всеобщего признания заслуг, таланта, всеобщего уважения и восхищения. Америка одержима статусом знаменитости. Она создала культуру, в рамках которой люди делают все возможное, чтобы быть популярными или известными. Все реже и реже слава — это результат выдающихся достижений; все чаще эпатаж и демонстрирование грязного белья — верный способ достичь популярности.


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