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"Ask your doctor"

руб 9.000,00

Design: Bunch, Croatia

Size: 59 x 84 cm

Printing: hand pulled silkscreen

Limited edition: 1 copy, signed & numbered

Delivery: free



American TV today is overloaded with Pharmaceutical (drug) commercials.The phrase “AskYour Doctor” is synonymous with these ads, for whatever reason someone decided it always needs to appear, probably for legal reasons, and now it’s become the most ubiquitous phrase on TV. Ask your doctor commercials are troubling from several respects.They always contain a lengthy list of creepy side-effects invariably including death, which sends the implicit message that the whole lot of medicines dangled before the public onTV are in fact very dangerous drugs. Several of these medicines moreover follow a predictable pattern, starting with the ad touting the medicine followed by a disclaimer that it can do more harm than good in certain cases. Then after about two years or so, a second ad about the same drug gets aired, only this time from a legal firm, offering its services to people made sicker by the drug’s use. 


«Не забудьте проконсультироваться со специалистом»— отечественная калька с американского дисклеймера во всех рекламных роликах медицинских препаратов США. Желание снять с себя ответственность за возможные побочные действия, всевозможные сми и рекламные агентства обязательно напоминают нам о необходимости консультации у врача, правда это давно уже никого не интересует. 

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