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Design: Bedow, Sweden

Size: 59 x 84 cm

Printing: digital

Limited edition: 1 copy, signed & numbered

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This is an artificial form of greek language introduced in the end of 18th century in the spirit of European Enlightenment. Its purpose, as the etymology of the word reveals— καθαρός (katharos) means the “clean one” — was the purification of the Greek language from foreign elements, Ottoman, Slavic, etc, that had been introduced as a natural cause of the in nite mix of different national groups existing on the land of Greece. As a form, it used to have a mix of elements of ancient and modern Greek language of the time, introducing a very strict, but quite arbitrary system of grammar and syntax rules and also a complicated system of various accents,that made “Katharevousa” quite unaccessible and was only adopted by the official state and the Church. Church is still using it. Due to its inflexibility, is frequently characterised as“wooden language”. There are many incidents of — even bloody — con icts between the supporters of “Katharevousa” and their opponents. 


В Греции, помимо официального языка, также существует «искусственный язык» — Καθαρεύουσα. Изначально он был задуман для «очищения» языка от турецких, славянских и других примесей и отличался очень строгими грамматической и синтаксической системами. В связи с этим этот, так называемый, «деревянный язык» так и не вошел в обиход и используется только государством и церковью. Удивительно, но между его адептами и противниками нередко случаются конфликты, порой даже кровопролитные.

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